The Way of Escape

Based on a true story, this uplifting message will encourage anyone who cares for the disabled.

Based on a true story, Robert and Susan Harper’s young son with special needs is assaulted by a teacher, fueling a zealous desire in Robert to protect his child. His decision to prosecute the teacher, however, explodes in public controversy, jeopardizing Robert’s career as district attorney and the family’s standing in the community.

Coupled with the overwhelming stress of raising their two disabled children, they face a heated criminal trial and a contested reelection campaign, encountering firsthand the conflicting public attitudes toward the handicapped. The series of events forces the father to examine his faith, reaffirm the worth of his children, and experience the liberating power of forgiveness.

This uplifting novel will encourage anyone who cares for the disabled. The daily struggles, the joys, the fatigue, the small victories, the doubts and fears, and the unconditional love these children with Angelman syndrome lavish on everyone are expressed realistically but without being sentimental. It is a story that confronts yet inspires.


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